Episode 227: The Next Iconic Faith and Sports Film on the Big Screen--The Hill with Rickey Hill and Jeff Celentano


August 25th, 2023

18 mins 36 secs

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About this Episode

Rickey Hill was born with a degenerative spinal issue. He dreamed of playing baseball, despite all the odds stacked against him, including his Pastor father being adamantly opposed. The new movie "The Hill" is a biopic on Rickey Hill's life and how he never stopped dreaming and accomplished his goals. Meet Rickey Hill and Director Jeff Celentano in this interview with Fr. Edward Looney about Rickey's backstory, why it took almost 20 years to make the film, and Rickey and Jeff's hopes for audience takeaways.

Visit the Movie Website: https://www.thehillmov.com/
My review of the movie: https://catholic-link.org/catholic-movie-review-the-hill/