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For centuries, believers have honored the Blessed Virgin Mary. They have written books about her, painted images, and built churches in her honor. Shrines are dedicated to her. People seek her intercession. Join host, Fr. Edward Looney and his weekly guest, as they discuss Marian devotion. Gain new insights and begin or deepen your Marian devotion.

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  • Episode 103: The Light of Christ in Celtic Spirituality and How Mary Crushes Darkness with Julianne Stanz

    August 30th, 2021  |  45 mins 3 secs
    apparitions, blessedvirgin, catholic, celticspirituality, darkness, devotion, heritage, irish, light, mary

    Julianne Stanz is a diocesan employee, consultant for the USCCB, and an author of several books. Today, she joins Fr. Edward Looney to talk about Celtic spirituality and Mary's role in crushing the darkness of our lives.

  • Episode 102: How to Pray About Your Life as a Disciple with the Rosary Mysteries

    August 24th, 2021  |  37 mins 36 secs
    apparitions, blessed virgin, catholic, devotion, disciple, marian, mary, rosary

    Fr. Edward Looney shares a talk he gave to religious education leaders in the Diocese of Green Bay as this week's episode of How They Love Mary.

  • Episode 101: The Purpose of Miracles with Adam Blai

    August 10th, 2021  |  24 mins 56 secs
    apparitions, avemaria, blessed virgin, catholic, devotion, marian, mary, miracles, pilgrimage

    Miracles fascinate believers and unbelievers alike. What is a miracle? Why does God allow miracles? What are examples of miracles? How about Marian miracles? These questions and more are answered by Adam Blai on this week's How They Love Mary with Fr. Edward Looney.

  • Episode 100: The Church Needs More Priests Like Venerable Aloysius Schwartz

    August 2nd, 2021  |  44 mins 52 secs
    aloysius schwartz, apparitions, banneux, mary, priest, rosary

    Venerable Aloysius Schwartz was a saintly missionary priest. He left his homeland to study to be a priest and spent his life in South Korea. He lived poverty to the extreme. He loved Mary so much. His heroic work is recounted by Kevin Wells in "Priest and Beggar" available from Ignatius Press. Learn more about Fr. Schwartz this week as Kevin Wells joins Fr. Looney on How They Love Mary.

  • Episode 99: A New Perspective and Understanding of Jesus with Dr. Ray Guarendi

    July 26th, 2021  |  36 mins 37 secs
    apparition, blessed mother, catholic, catholicpsychology, devotion, faith, fatherhood, jesus, motherhood, parenting, psychology, rosary

    Dr. Ray Guarendi is a Catholic psychologist, known for his programs on EWTN. The author of many books, his latest is "Jesus, the Master Psychologist" which offers us a new approach to understanding the person and teaching of Jesus. In this conversation, Fr. Looney and Dr. Ray unpack the problems we face and how Jesus offers a solutions to all our problems.

  • Episode 98: Open the Door of Your Heart and Soul to Mary with Kitty Cleveland

    July 19th, 2021  |  37 mins 58 secs
    blessed mother, catholic, devotion, faith, marian, motherhood, music, parenting, prayer, rosary

    Kitty Cleveland is a Catholic singer and songwriter and this week she joins Fr. Edward Looney to talk about her devotion to Mary. She shares about a prayer experience she had, the music she sings, and the inspiration behind her daily Instagram Live rosary.

  • Episode 97: Why I'm Giving Up Opera to Sing the Praises of God as a Nun with Gretchen Erlichman

    July 13th, 2021  |  48 mins 4 secs
    calling, cloister, cloistered, discernment, dominicans, fiat, mary, monastery, nun, surrender, vocation

    Gretchen Erlichman studied music for years and has sung in the Opera. Throughout her young adulthood, she began to sense God tugging on her heart to be a nun. In this episode, Gretchen shares with Fr. Edward Looney the path that took her to join the Dominican Sisters at the Monastery of Our Lady of Grace.

  • Episode 96: Encountering Jesus and Mary in the Gospels, Education, and History

    July 6th, 2021  |  40 mins 21 secs
    apparitions, conversion, education, fatima, gospels, history, jesus, mary, rosary

    Derek Rotty invites listeners into a life of conversion with Jesus and Mary as they meet our savior and His mother in the pages of sacred scripture. Rotty looks to Mary in his role as an educator and has seen her active all throughout history. Hear Derek's story of conversion and how Mary inspires today in this conversation with Fr. Edward Looney.

  • Episode 95: Mother Mary Thinks I'm Funny with Theresa Zoe Williams

    June 28th, 2021  |  34 mins 58 secs
    blessed mother, catholic, devotion, faith, marian, motherhood, parenting, rosary

    Theresa Zoe Williams hosts a late night Friday podcast called "Up to Late." She credits the Blessed Mother with inspiring her in this work and shares with Fr. Looney about Marian devotion throughout her life as a young adult, wife, and mother.

  • Episode 94: Why a Young Woman Would Choose to Be a Cloistered Nun with Erin Brown

    June 21st, 2021  |  36 mins 53 secs
    blessedmother, catholic, devotion, discernment, mary, motherofgod, nuns, religious, saints

    Erin Brown has lived and worked in the world as a teacher for a few years. In her young adult life, she began to ask the question, "What does God want me to do with my life?" Through prayer and discernment, she is entering the Summit, NJ Dominicans in August. What leads a young woman to make such a radical decision? Hear her story this week as she speaks with Fr. Edward Looney.

  • Episode 93: The Faith, Music, and Battle Cry of Katie Linendoll

    June 14th, 2021  |  50 mins 14 secs
    apparitions, blessed virgin, catholic, ccm, christian music, devotion, marian, mary

    Katie Linendoll is a recognizable face from her media work. She is a devout cradle Catholic and recently released her EP Jericho Battle Cry. Get to know the stories behind Katie's life, faith, career, and music as she speaks with Fr. Edward Looney on this week's episode.

  • Episode 92: Oprah's Sisters Love Mary and the Eucharist with Sr. Joseph Andrew, OP

    June 7th, 2021  |  46 mins 31 secs
    apparitions, avemaria, blessed virgin, catholic, devotion, discernment, dominican, marian, mary, oprah, pilgrimage, religiouslife, vocation

    The Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist, mesmerized the world a number of years ago when they first appeared on Oprah's show. People noticed their love of God, joy, and youthfulness. They are a growing religious community. What is their secret? What is their life like? Vocation Directress Sr. Joseph Andrew speaks with Fr. Looney today about their life, charism, and devotion.

  • Episode 91: Behold the Heart of Jesus on Fridays and During the Month of June with Fr. Thomas Dailey

    June 1st, 2021  |  33 mins 32 secs
    catholic, church, devotion, fridays, jesus, june, mary, sacred heart

    Fr. Thomas Dailey in his latest book discusses devotion to the Heart of Jesus through the writings and spirituality of St. Francis De Sales. Learn how to foster devotion to the Sacred Heart in this episode of How They Love Mary.

  • Episode 90: Live Your Feminine Genius by Dressing Worthily with Nicole Caruso

    May 24th, 2021  |  29 mins 42 secs
    beauty, fashion, femininegenius, feminism, johnpaulii, jp2, mary, virginmary, worthyofwearing

    Nicole Caruso is a profession make up artist and beauty consultant whose mission is to empower women with self worth by the clothes they wear. She is the author of Worthy of Wearing and today joins Fr. Edward Looney to discuss her book, her #worthyofwearing movement, and Mary's example for women.

  • Episode 89: How to Incorporate Faith During Your Summer Travels with Marion Amberg

    May 17th, 2021  |  35 mins 32 secs
    blessedmother, mary, miracles, pilgrimage, prayers, roadtrip, shrines, virginmary

    You might find yourself on the road during the summer months and wanting to check out new places. Not only can you see secular places but there are so many religious sites to see as well. Travel writer Marion Amberg shares with us the Monuments, Marvels, and Miracles as a Catholic traveler across America.

  • Episode 88: What Happens When the Eucharist and the Rosary Meet with Ivonne Hernandez

    May 10th, 2021  |  33 mins 33 secs
    apparitions, blessed virgin, catholic, eucharist, healing, marian devotion, mary, rosary

    Ivonne Hernandez had a powerful experience of healing while praying the rosary before the Blessed Sacrament. This led her to author a series of Eucharistic Rosary Meditations in her book from Elisheba House.