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For centuries, believers have honored the Blessed Virgin Mary. They have written books about her, painted images, and built churches in her honor. Shrines are dedicated to her. People seek her intercession. Join host, Fr. Edward Looney and his weekly guest, as they discuss the Catholic faith and the role of Mary in their life. Gain new insights and begin or deepen your Marian devotion.

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  • Episode 183: A Catholic Priest Meets a Missionary with Wycliffe Bible Translators on an Airplane with Ken Morton

    October 3rd, 2022  |  48 mins 53 secs

    Fr. Edward Looney flew to Portugal and sat next to a guy on the plane. As they talked, Fr. Edward knew he was a man of faith, and they talked for hours about holy matters. Fr. Edward was impressed by his work with Wycliffe Bible Translators, and knew he wanted to converse with him at length for a podcast. In this episode, a Catholic Priest, talks with an Evangelical Christian about the bible, and yes, Mary is a part of the conversation.

  • Episode 182: The Knights of Columbus are Telling Mother Teresa's Story with David Naglieri

    September 29th, 2022  |  23 mins 1 sec
    movieinterview, movies

    Mother Teresa was once a household name. People knew her story and who she was. With the passing of time, on the occasion of her 25th anniversary of death, the Knights of Columbus have produced a documentary about her life that will renew interest and devotion to her. Whether you know her story or are just learning about her, the upcoming Fathom Event is a must for you. Plan to attend in theatres on October 3 and 4.

  • Episode 181: Meet St. Michael the Archangel in a New Documentary with Oscar Delgado

    September 28th, 2022  |  13 mins 32 secs
    movieinterview, movies

    Fr. Edward Looney speaks with movie producer Oscar Delgado about a new documentary showing in theatres for one night only tomorrow, Thursday, September 29th through a Fathom release. The documentary is called "St. Michael: Meet the Angel." With the world we live in today, we surely need St. Michael. Learn more about the documentary by tuning in.

  • Episode 180: Understanding the Spiritual Writings of Blessed Columba Marmion with Fr. Cassian Koenemann, OSB

    September 27th, 2022  |  34 mins 24 secs

    Blessed Columba Marmion was an Irish diocesean priest who entered Maredsous Abbey in Belgium.  He wrote many spiritual classics pertaining to vocational states.  His writings continue to enrich souls and communicate the mysteries of our faith.  In today's episode, Fr. Looney interviews Fr. Cassian Koenemann, OSB of St. Louis Abbey who is a researcher about the works of Marmion and who wrote a book titled "The Grace of Nothingness about Marmion's doctrine.  

  • Episode 179: The Musical Ministry Travels of Anna Nuzzo and an Upcoming Pilgrimage

    September 23rd, 2022  |  44 mins 31 secs
    pilgrimage, shrines

    Fr. Edward Looney speaks with Anna Nuzzo about her music ministry that has brought her to the Mystical Shrine in New York and the work she has done with Jeannie Ewing and the Marians of the Immaculate Conception. Fr. Looney and Anna then talk about a pilgrimage opportunity they are offering to Belgium beginning on Memorial Day 2023 through June 9, 2023. Listen to Anna's music and her reflections about ministry in this interview!

  • Episode 178: The Life and Legacy of Francis Cardinal George with Truth & Life Audio Bible Producer Mike Stark

    September 20th, 2022  |  45 mins 16 secs

    Fr. Edward spent four years studying for the priesthood at Mundelein Seminary. During his time, he heard many lectures and homilies given by Cardinal George. In today's episode, Fr. Looney speaks with Mike Stark about Cardinal George's support of the Truth & Life Audio Bible and why Mike Stark hosted a documentary about the Cardinal for Shalom World Television. Fr. Looney also asks Mike, if he thinks Cardinal George will one day be a saint. Listen today and learn about one of the greatest churchmen the American Church has ever seen.

  • Episode 177: How Three of My Holy Heroes Inspired my Marian Devotion

    September 15th, 2022  |  41 mins 57 secs

    On September 14, 2022, Fr. Edward gave a talk to the Legatus Chapter in Baltimore. He spoke about his book How They Love Mary by focusing on three of his holy heroes and how they can inspire your devotion to Mary.

  • Episode 176: Why Fr. Edward is Writing his STL Thesis on St. Bernard of Clairvaux

    September 13th, 2022  |  16 mins 31 secs
    book, lessons, saints

    Fr. Edward Looney goes solo in this episode as he continues to goes deeper into each person featured in his latest book How They Love Mary available from Sophia Institute Press. In this episode Fr. Edward shares about some of the Marian writings of St. Bernard and how he began his research career with St. Bernard.

  • Episode 175: The Jesuits, St. Ignatius, and Mary with Fr. Joe Laramie, SJ

    September 6th, 2022  |  39 mins 36 secs
    bookinterview, jesuits
  • Episode 174: Why are there celebrities meeting with Pope Francis this week? With Luis Quinelli

    August 31st, 2022  |  17 mins 1 sec
    pope, vitae summit

    On August 31 and September 1, A List celebrities will be converging on the Vatican for a special meeting to talk about faith and media with the Holy Father. Learn more about the Vitae Summit with Luis Quinelli, the man behind the event.

  • Episode 173: How Fr. Lukas Etlin, OSB lived his Monastic Vocation at Conception Abbey with Fr. Pachomius

    August 29th, 2022  |  53 mins 52 secs
    lesson, monks

    In the book How They Love Mary, Fr. Edward wrote about Fr. Lukas Etlin, OSB, a monk of Conception Abbey.  Today, a monk of Conception Abbey and the Vice Rector of Conception Seminary College, Fr. Pachomius Meade, OSB joins Fr. Edward to talk about monastic life, the selection of monastic names, the life of Fr. Lukas Etlin and his contribution to the life of the Church, and the connection of Conception Abbey to the Benedictine sisters in Clyde, Missouri.  

  • Episode 172: How Catholic Poetry Helps Us to Belong to Christ with Christina M. Sorrentino

    August 25th, 2022  |  27 mins 30 secs

    Christina Sorrentino is a devout, young adult Catholic, striving toward holiness and the kingdom of Heaven by her writing and poetry. Today, she joins Fr. Edward Looney and discusses her love for priesthood and departure from the convent which she writes about her in poems.

  • Episode 171: Mother Mary Francis is Fr. Edward's Favorite Spiritual Writer

    August 22nd, 2022  |  24 mins 16 secs
    chapter, how they love mary the book

    In this episode, Fr. Edward resumes the sequence of interviews about his book chapters in How They Love Mary. There is no interview here, but Fr. Edward shares about this spiritual writer who has impacted his life and preaching.

  • Episode 170: St. Anthony Mary Claret was a Son of Mary Who Served Slaves and Kings

    August 18th, 2022  |  27 mins 28 secs

    Do you know the story of St. Anthony Mary Claret? No? Then check and see if there is a showing of "Slaves and Kings" at your local movie theatre this Monday, August 22, dubbed in English, or August 23 in Spanish. You'll learn about this saint who had a missionary heart and loved Mary and at the same time send a message that people want to see religious movies!

  • Episode 169: The Vocation of John Michael Talbot to Praise His Holy Name Through Music

    August 15th, 2022  |  45 mins 13 secs

    John Michael Talbot is a grammy award winning Christian and Catholic musician and composer who has led Catholics and Protestants in worship. He and has wife live a monastic vocation at Little Portion Monastery in Arkansas where he continues to sing the praises of God. John MIchael Talbot is best known for his version of the Magnificat called "Holy is His Name" which is also the subject of a new devotional he authored. In this episode, learn about John Michael Talbot, his ministry and life, and thoughts on Mary's prayer, and be sure to listen to the end so you can catch the musical version of "Holy is His Name."

  • Episode 168: Who is St. Philomena and Why Does She Have a Shrine in Briggsville, WI?

    August 11th, 2022  |  45 mins 10 secs
    pilgrimage, shrines

    Fr. Edward Looney has prayed at the National Shrine of St. Philomena in Briggsville, WI on a number of occasions. He has sent donations to a lady named Susan Hilliard for years, and today he is able to speak with her in her capacity as caretaker and promoter of the shrine. St. Philomena is a powerful saint who you might wish to invoke in your personal litany of saints.